Jacqueline Coburn

Shaman, Sage, Artist

Jacqueline has been performing shamanic healing with great results and for many years with clients of all ages and belief systems.

As a professional artist and designer for 19 years, Jacqueline has had the privilege of encountering a widely diverse cliental with limitless needs and desires for their own improvements. Working within the structure of architecture, the de-construction and then re-building of a home is not dissimilar to the transformational process of our own inner landscapes.

First the desire to change, then the commitment to grow, then comes the joyous transformation process!

Compassionate and dedicated to her work, Jackie has walked through her own transformative life tests. She holds a space of beauty for those who wish to heal from their own traumas including childhood abuse, sexual trauma, severe alcoholism and substance abuse, and severe depression, including the darkest thoughts of suicide from those she loves.

As a midwife prepares for birth, providing warm, balanced and healthy assistance to the coming of new life, Jacqueline prepares you to embark on your most important life's journey of the re-birthing process. She will assist you into moving gracefully forward through the painful lessons and on into the new, glorious life beyond.

Now, the sweetness of liberty even in the most challenging of belief systems and generational patterns can be attained. Jacqueline's passionate commitment to guiding others out of their pain and into a life of beauty and grace has her clients living out the life they'd never before dared to dream.